Friday, January 16, 2015

Post retreat progress......

Since I was so bummed about having to cut my mini retreat short last weekend because of the flu, I figured I would try and make up for it as soon as I started feeling better. 
One of my projects that I had taken was  this origami purse.  It was nearly finished ....for a very long time.  I just needed to add the handle.  Now it is done.
Not the best picture, but it has a pocket under each outside flap (front and back).
and a much larger pocket on the inside.
This was a pattern offered by a local quilt shop some time ago.  It would be great to just throw in a wallet and phone when you want to carry light.
At retreat, I started my alternating blocks for my Christmas Star lotto blocks.
If you don't know what a lotto block is....our retreat organizers suggested a particular pattern off of Quilter's Cache, they designated the colors (in this case, green, red with white background).  For as many blocks as you made, your name went into the pot that many times. I won the drawing of 17 blocks. 
Here is my alternating block.  I made 13 of these.
I just put this quilt top together this afternoon. (it's not pressed yet)
I only used 12 of the 17 blocks.  (Three were too small and two were made with a cream background.)
I have been auditioning some fabrics for borders. Not sure if I will do that or not yet. 
Then in my stash I had this bundle called "Twice the Charm".   Each fabric measured 5 1/2 x 22". I had been wanting to try a jelly roll quilt, so to do that with what I had, I had to cut each strip in half giving me two strips of each fabric (2 3/4 x 22).  I sewed those together with a straight seam.  Then I followed the directions given by the Missouri Star Quilt Co. and made my jelly roll quilt top joining  the "different" fabrics with a 45 degree angled seam. 
This was from Robyn Pandolph's line called Roses de Noel. it is the middle of January and I still have a Christmas theme going. 
Anyways, this isn't pressed either and it is not squared up yet.  I will do some measuring and see whether or not I feel that it needs borders or not, too.  Going to check my stash and see if I have an appropriate backing for this one.  If I don't .....minky might be in order. 
I did have another "Christmas" project packed for retreat, but I haven't had a chance to work on that one yet, so I will save that for my next post. 
For now...I am feeling pretty good about my progress.  Now I feel a little better about missing so much sewing time with my friends. 
Stay tuned.  I plan on there being more sometime this weekend. 


  1. Nice! A little retreat for one. You deserve it. Glad you are feeling better.

  2. I have that purse pattern and made my GD one with W of Oz fabric and it turned out very cute.
    from "Sailor Girl"

  3. Such a pretty little origami purse!
    Beautiful lottery blocks too and I LOVE the alternate blocks you made. The top is BEAUTIFUL!
    Your Jelly strip quilt turned out lovely too - more super pretty fabrics!
    Congratulations - you've finished some terrific projects this week!

  4. It's never too early for next Christmas. Love that little bag, the handles are nice. Loving green and red any time of the year and I'm glad you made up for missing out on retreat time.

  5. This is Sailor Girl again and wanted to leave another comment to connect with you. I've had a new blog for a while but had issues with not being able to leave comments so I could never comment when visiting yours. Yesterday I got computer advice and changed some settings and it seems to have worked so I returned to leave one here to say hello. Trying to explain it all isn't helpful, but anyway it seems I can comment now using my own identity and not have to use anonymous. I've been visiting your blog but couldn't comment and it was so frustrating! Connie

  6. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  7. Your Christmas lotto block quilt is wonderful. I love the 2 blocks that you are putting together. I also think your little pink purse is just perfect for traveling light. You really have some nice UFO's to finish. It looks like you are getting more done than I am. Glad you are feeling better.



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