Saturday, October 4, 2014

Little accomplishments.....

I needed to say I got something done.
So, the embroidery, the bindings and even  hanging sleeves were added to these two little flags that  I started recently. 
The pumpkin is done just in time for the season.
and here's the1776 flag. 
Then I thought I would pull what I thought was a jelly roll and make the jelly roll challenge quilt, but what I had was this....
I must have received this as a gift and all it says is that it is a Robyn Pandolph line.  Don't know which one.  Each of the strips are 5" x 22" What do you do with that?  So much for the jelly roll challenge...I guess. 
We did a little fun thing Friday night.   Downtown Rochester, MI had a "Posed" night.
They had live mannequins in the store fronts depicting 1950's TV shows.  We were able to recognize most.  There were large crowds and I didn't get to take as many pictures as I would have liked, but here are some of my favorites. See if you can guess before reading the caption. 
Addam's Family.
Beverly Hillbillies
Brady Bunch.
There were other windows with I Love Lucy; the Carol Burnett Show (she was wearing the curtains made into a dress); Sonny and Cher; Charlies Angels.  All-in-all, there were 21 windows.  I just can't remember them all. It was a fun night doing something a little different. 
I'll end my post with this cute "closed" sign we saw at one of the shops.  Be posting again soon. 


  1. The pumpkin is my favorite. I machine quilted a witch tonight that has pumpkins on it. It is ready for the hand stitching of the binding and I will have a finish too.

  2. those windows are so fun!! I love live mannequins and the TV theme is a blast.
    Your pumpkin flag is so cute for fall and the patriotic flag is beautiful.

  3. The pumpkin is so cute! I've lost my sewing mojo for awhile now. Heading for Ruthie's Shipshawana retreat next week, maybe that will give me a boost. Have you considered Ruthie's retreat?

  4. For the 5'' strips - cut each piece in half lengthwise and join ends together - then you will have your jelly roll strips :)


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