Monday, October 13, 2014

Red it is.....

Thank you for all your suggestions on the color of binding to use for this scrappy quilt.  Actually, this is an orphan block quilt.
I had lots of suggestions on Facebook.  Some wanted pink, some yellow, some red; others said all three and even one wanted blue.  I didn't have blue though. Others said to use the backing, but I didn't think this size dot would show well on a binding. 
I really was leaning towards using all three colors, but then it started sounding like math where I was going to have to figure out how many pieces to cut and if I wanted pink next to red and I was thinking this was turning into too much work.  So the comment that really struck me was the one Bert said....."make it easy on yourself and just go red". 
Red is my favorite color and what with the top being busy and the backing being pretty busy, "one" fabric won and  "easy" won out.
....and you know what?  I have a finish!

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Triangle baby quilt.

Hmmmm...that had a double meaning. 
I am referring to the baby quilt that I just took off the long arm where I used left over triangles from another quilt. (not a triangle shaped quilt)
Here you can see my stitching.
Here you can see the backing.
Now I am trying to decide on a binding since I don't have any of this Strawberries and Lemonade fabric left over. 
Decisions, decisions!!!

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Wracked my brain on this one.

This is a charity quilt, but I was using it for practice on the long arm.  Thus comes in the wracking of my brain.  I wanted to use a different design in each stripe. 
Not sure if there are real names for these designs, but I am calling this checkerboard, diamonds and e's in l's.  The middle one required some ruler work.
C's, e's and l's utilizing the stripe in the fabric and a loopy back and forth design.
Echoing leaves, freeform.
Echoed loops, freeform.
Free form feathers
Something like a Grecian Key (or faucet, lol) and ruler work on the diagonal.
Leaves and e's utilizing the stripes.
First time trying out McTavishing after taking Karen's class.
My attempt at rope (not that good) and fern (which I really like)
S's; pebbles and circle in a circle. 
I have the binding cut out so will be getting to that soon. 
Now, I know that new long armers are probably the only ones that are going to really appreciate this post, but just wanted to show what I was up to today. 
Now I know what I need to work on  and what I like and find much easier to do than other things. 
But it was wracking my brain trying to come up with a variety of things, although I am sure there are tons of designs out there 
Thanks for taking a peek. 

Saturday, October 4, 2014

Little accomplishments.....

I needed to say I got something done.
So, the embroidery, the bindings and even  hanging sleeves were added to these two little flags that  I started recently. 
The pumpkin is done just in time for the season.
and here's the1776 flag. 
Then I thought I would pull what I thought was a jelly roll and make the jelly roll challenge quilt, but what I had was this....
I must have received this as a gift and all it says is that it is a Robyn Pandolph line.  Don't know which one.  Each of the strips are 5" x 22" What do you do with that?  So much for the jelly roll challenge...I guess. 
We did a little fun thing Friday night.   Downtown Rochester, MI had a "Posed" night.
They had live mannequins in the store fronts depicting 1950's TV shows.  We were able to recognize most.  There were large crowds and I didn't get to take as many pictures as I would have liked, but here are some of my favorites. See if you can guess before reading the caption. 
Addam's Family.
Beverly Hillbillies
Brady Bunch.
There were other windows with I Love Lucy; the Carol Burnett Show (she was wearing the curtains made into a dress); Sonny and Cher; Charlies Angels.  All-in-all, there were 21 windows.  I just can't remember them all. It was a fun night doing something a little different. 
I'll end my post with this cute "closed" sign we saw at one of the shops.  Be posting again soon. 

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