Sunday, July 20, 2014

Quilts of Valor on my mind.....

My guild and my retreat that I go to in June every year have designated Quilts of Valor as our challenge for the year. 
I saw a quilt while browsing blogs just yesterday and thought that would be a good idea and should have saved it, but I didn't think I would be thinking of starting one this early, but I have a friend who has hers all done for next June!  Geesh!!
So I pulled all my Americana fabrics today just to see what I had and cut them all in strips.
If I can remember what that quilt looked like, this is the layout.
In going through my stash, I could only find reds and blues in my Americana theme.  I started thinking "where did I use up all those fabrics?"
So, I started looking through the house and came up with at least three Americana-type quilts.

This one is an Alex Anderson quilt that I made in 1999 (my all time favorite) and I just cut up the last of some of these fabrics.
This one is a sampler.  I forgot to look when this one was made, but I don't think any of these fabrics were cut up tonight.
Another one of my favorites.  Now I know some of these fabrics I still had and this is an old one, too.
I actually cut up all my blues and reds but there was not one cream with stars or flags left in my stash.  I did purge all my small pieces of fabrics last year and that may be where some of them went or maybe I just used them up, so I am going to have to go buy some more keeping in mind that I don't want to "build up the stash" at this point. 
So, stay tuned for what I come up with for my Quilts of Valor challenge.
I haven't posted much lately.  Doesn't seem like I have been doing much, but I did bind the last two quilts that I quilted.  One of these days I will get them outside to hang and take some good pictures of them finished and then post them, but for now, I hope you are getting some stitches in and I hope my motivation is back (since I straightened up my sewing room today) and just maybe I will have a new quilt to show soon.
Happy Quilting. 


  1. Perhaps….some thrifted shirts will be a good way to fill out that collection????
    Looking forward to more peeks at your progress.

    I realized that I too do not have any decent pictures of a lot of my quilts….I really need to take the time to get some good shots!

  2. Beautiful quilts, Faye! Thanks for sharing. Glad you are getting your mojo back. Can't wait to see what you do!


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