Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Does it pain you????

Do you sometimes feel squeamish when you cut up a favorite fabric?
Do you feel like once you have cut it up, you won't be able to look at it and fondle it in your stash?
Well, I am starting to feel that about my Americana fabrics that I cut up for my QofV quilt.   I cut then ALL up.  There is not one piece of Americana left in my stash and I am feeling a little sad.
I laid some of them out last night.....
and quickly realized that I needed my "white" (or in my case, cream) to add a little spark to this quilt.
I didn't have one piece left in my "cream" drawer, but tonight I did some more searching because I really wanted to make up a block or two so I could take some measurements and figure out just how many blocks I need, how many strips I needed to cut, etc. 
Well, in my golden section of fabrics I found this......truly my last piece of Americana.
Definitely one of my favorite fabrics.  It was just a scrap.  I think I may have used this one on a back of a quilt, so there wasn't much, but I cut it ALL up, too. 
Now this is what my blocks look like with a "light" in them. 
I like them much better. 
Now to do some figuring as I am sure I don't have enough of this flag fabric for all the blocks.  I may have to buy maybe a couple different lights and mix them all up. 
I have sewn 12 blocks already and I am left with 172 red/blue strips and only 16 golden strips.
I was thinking of making the quilt somewhere in the vicinity of 70 x 80. 
Now I have to do the math and see just what else is needed before I sew any blocks together. 
This will be a quick quilt....scrappy.....and hopefully very loved by some veteran later next year. 
Ok...on to the dreaded math. I probably should just dig up my EQ and do it the easy way, but I haven't used it in so long it would probably take me longer to figure it out than it would to just draw out my blocks and figure out the math. 
Ok...I am happy, even though I am going to miss these fabrics in my stash, I am going to love making this quilt and giving it away.    


  1. They will keep making new fabric, girl! Do not fret.
    We can shop for more!

  2. What a wonderful use of your Americana fabrics!
    I'm sure this quilt will be very much appreciated by a deserving soldier.
    Looks like you'll be in need of a shopping adventure soon. (grin)

  3. I can definitely relate and once the fabric is in a quilt I wish that I still had some for another. You've donated the loved fabric for a great cause.


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