Thursday, June 12, 2014

Dual challenge quilt reveal......

This week is the retreat that I go to every year and at the last minute I had to cancel.  So, I am stuck at home doing doctor's visits instead, but still wanted to not reveal the quilt until the day that everyone there in St. Louis at the Mercy Center does their reveal. 
This is my dual challenge (doing a Trips around the World quilt AND using a Hawaiian theme for the other challenge).  I had the top done in April and my mini group and I hung our tops out on the line on a windy day to get some pictures. 
I have since quilted it.
I did it on Millie using a panto called Banana Leaf (appropriate, huh?). 
This is the backing to show off the stitching.
....and here it is just coming off the long arm. 
It's a big one. 
I still haven't gotten to the binding.  I will use some of the pink batik to do that, but now that I am stuck at home, I have plenty of time to do that.  I had other projects that had a time limit on them, one of which was Rita's quilt which I was going to deliver to her at retreat, but it had to be sent via mail.  We are hoping it gets to her (she lives near St. Louis) so that she can bring it to show-n-tell, too. 
My friend Sandy is going to show the pictures to the group for my show and tell, so it will kind of be like I am there. 
Oh well, sad, but necessary. 


  1. It's beautiful Faye! So sorry you had to miss retreat!

  2. I absolutely Love..LOVE this quilt!
    The pattern, colors, quilting ...all of it...just GORGEOUS!

  3. Your quilt looks like it was kissed by the sun.

  4. So sorry that you couldn't join your gal pals, but if it helps any, your quilt is GORGEOUS! Absolutely love the colours, and your quilting ties in your second theme so nicely.

  5. OMg, that is absolutely gorgeous!!! You really did a great job interpreting the theme of the challenge.


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