Friday, May 9, 2014

Sneak peek (and only a partial one at that!)

I just got a queen-sized quilt off Millie Faye; but it is a challenge is a dual challenge quilt. 
So here is the panto I used on it. 
It's banana leaf. 
That theme goes with one of the challenges.....Hawaiian.
The second challenge was a particular pattern that I won't share just yet, but I decided to incorporate both challenges into one quilt (killing two birds with one stone).   Since I don't seem to ever do anything "small", I thought one quilt would do the trick.  The only problem is that I can't stand waiting to share with you. 
So, I think I said in the past that I bought a pink and orange batik for the backing that had hibiscus flowers on it.  (Hawaiian theme). 
So here is the only sneak peek you are going to get right now. 
I hope you can see the banana leaf stitching on this. 
I am going to use the pink batik for the binding, so I had better get busy. 
The big reveal will be mid June on the top, so stay tuned.
Now my goal is to get a couple smaller tops onto Millie as I want all the practice I can get as next week I will be taking some classes from Karen McTavish. Although I've hardly done any custom work, I wanted to make sure that I knew my machine well and felt comfortable working on it.  I am hoping to learn lots from Karen and then "custom quilting, here I come!!!". 


  1. You will be great at custom quilting! Where did you get your panto? I need to refresh my selection. Guess I should go shopping. Can't wait to see your quilt.

  2. The banana leaf panto looks so wonderful! You must be having such a good time playing. Wow - McTavishing with the best!! Her work is stunning.

  3. Looking forward to seeing this finished quilt!
    Enjoy your classes with Karen McTavish - have a wonderful time!


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