Friday, January 3, 2014

Update on Ella's quilt

This is such an easy quilt. 
I started with sewing the blocks into rows.
As you see, the rows are done on the diagonal.
Sewed all the rows together.
There is some trimming to do; but as I was thinking, once I trim this, it will all be on the bias.  Not a good thing.....
So, I hope you can see, but I took my ruler and drew a line on the cutting line (1/4" from the points of the block....the sewing line).   I needed that reference point so that I could stay stitch close to the cutting line, but not on the 1/4 seam line. 
Once it was stay stitched, I trimmed the points off on the line that I drew  as my cutting line. 
I now have a stabilized quilt top.
I haven't taken any measurements yet, but I should tell you that if you go to the blog that I mentioned in my last post and from there go to the blog that she found the original pattern from, you will see what the cutting directions are for this quilt.  (Crazy Mom Quilts)
Personally, I cut 18 strips each from the purple and 18 from the print WOF at 3" wide and then sewed two opposite strips together.  From that I subcut the block into a 5 1/2" square.  From there the pattern was laid out. 
Now I have to piece my backing and get my binding cut out. 
I have ordered Ferrari (green) thread to quilt this in and once I have done that, I will show you a completed quilt. 
I am telling you....this is quick and easy 


  1. I would have been a bit nervous about the bias edges too but you solved that. It's looking great.

  2. Don't you just love a quick quilt that looks cute???


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