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Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Doing some measuring....

Ok, there is no place in this house that I can lay out this whole quilt to get good measurements. 
I am going to have to measure it folded in half (which I haven't done yet), but #1 I did want to make sure I had enough backing fabric; and #2 I don't see any blatant misshapen edges that will need major trimming to get it squared, so maybe my measurements per section have served me well.  
So here is a better look at the left side of this quilt.
close up....
Flipped over to see the right side...
close up....
And here is the backing....a full three widths.
Just ordered some stencils to help me make my straight line quilting along with some chalk and pounce pad; and I am leaning towards an orange-y thread to quilt this one. 
Next time you see this quilt (unless I can find somewhere to lay out the whole thing) will be when it is on the long arm and/or quilted.  Wish me luck. 

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