Monday, September 2, 2013

Rushing the process..... not always a good idea.
As of last night, I had nine of the 15 rows sewn together.
I was doing one block at a time (9-patch) because when I made this pattern before I did it in rows and when it was completed, it was a bit wonky even though I thought I was doing right by stitching in the opposite direction for each row. 
Here is the original (baby blue) quilt top.
So, I decided to do that last six rows (although in 9-patch form) by chain piecing.  Here they are all pinned and ready to be stitched. 
But as dizzy-ing as these  blocks are,  my first attempt was not the best.
See my mistakes (yes, there are more than one!) in those two blocks up there?  See how easy it is to put this together and not see it until it is done?  "sigh"
So I did some ripping.
OK, now they are right.
So from there, I did chain piece, but only one block at a time.
So here is my completed top.
Now I am going to go and check to see if I have anything for a backing for both of these quilts.  I am going to practice on the blue and then I am going to do the charcoal. 
I'll let you see once these two are done. 
Thanks for following my "process"!!!


  1. I was becoming quite friendly with my seam ripper this weekend so I feel your frustrations. I love how graphic this quilt it.

  2. Looking good!!! Can't wait to see them quilted.

  3. my daughter would love one of these - really cool quilt!

  4. p.s. what pattern did you use, or did you draft it?

  5. Had to really look hard to see what you were talking about - could not see anything wrong!! Putting the blocks together must be like rubbing your head and patting your tummy at the same time - or is it the other way around???

    At any rate - your patience is admirable and all looks great!!


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