Thursday, August 29, 2013

Baby Shower and quilting.

I think the baby shower was a huge success.  At least that is what I am told and my daughter was very happy with all the decorations, food, layout and we had a good turn out, too.
Here's a few pictures of the shower.

(ok...I give up, these favors just don't want to be upright)

This is a small pot of culinary thyme and the stick says "It's Thyme"

Baby bunting.
Centerpiece bouquet and ceramic bird. 
The three of us (me and my daughters)
Mama and Daddy to be the way....
(another uncooperative photo)
Now that all is done (with this anyways as I have a wedding shower and a wedding coming up  too in the family), I have had time and energy to get into the sewing room today.
I have a baby quilt cut out for my daughter
It will be in the charcoal and white same as the pattern.
I, also, cut out a new quilt called Fancy That.
One of the gals at my last retreat made one and I have done nothing but think about it since then.  I picked up these fabrics while attending the AQS Grand Rapids show.
Here they are all cut up.  All I need now is the background fabric.
I, also, cut out my $25 a yard Ricky Tims fabric that I bought at my retreat with him earlier this summer. 
Here it is cut up in its strips.  This is going to be a simple version of his convergence quilts.
So, I have a few things cut out today.  Hopefully tomorrow I can sit and sew and start making some headway on my projects.  It's been way too long and now that the busy-ness  is done, I can devote more time to my sewing room.  

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  1. the show looks lovely! I love the herbs and the banner with the baby clothes is adorable.
    You and your daughters are beautiful.
    Love that yellow and grey fabric


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