Sunday, February 10, 2013

Running out of floor space....

I have been on a roll this weekend and have all my strings sewn together, pressed and then cut into segments.  

Laid out the first 10 rows of B/W's here and randomly spaced red pieces 

Here they are stitched together once I made my decisions. 

Still needed to have these 10 rows on the floor so that I could know where the next set of segments should go along with dispersing the red pieces, too. 

Here are all 20 rows of which the last 10 rows are not stitched just yet.  

I just needed to be able to step away from this to see if the red is evenly spread all over.  I am thinking I am ready to stitch the last 10 rows.  

Next will be to cut the white strips that will go in between each of these rows.  

I am thinking, even though I was complaining about sewing all the strips, that this was a pretty easy project.  

I do still have several segments left over, but not as much as I thought (I thought I would get another two queen sized quilts out of all this), but I may get a lap quilt out of what is left.  Of course, I could make my sashing strips a little wider than the 2" that I am going to make for this one.  We will see.  Once this top is done, I will lay out the segments and see just how many there are.

But for now, I am pretty satisfied with what I have accomplished so far.  

Enjoy the last few hours of your weekend.  


  1. That is going to be really pretty. You have done a lot of sewing this weekend!

  2. I love the look of this quilt and may just have to make one too, if you don't mind! just hope I have enough black and white fabrics to pull it off.
    the hint of red is wonderful , hmmm how about lime green ????
    or PINK!
    thanks for sharing and wow you really did make a lot of progress this weekend , good to step back and check out the red placements.

  3. You really accomplished a lot! Love the black and white, and red! Gorgeous!

  4.'re making lots of great progress on this quilt!
    It's looking wonderful already! ;)


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