Sunday, September 30, 2012

Busy, busy weekend.....

Started off the weekend on Friday  helping my mom change out the bedding from summer to winter.  She asked me to take home her quilts and wash them.  She made two of these double wedding rings (DWR) in 1996. 

Here's my mom at 89 with one of the quilts.  

I think these were her first and only large sized quilts that she ever made and she hand quilted them, too. 

Saturday morning we went to the Oakland County Country Fair and ...oh....I hardly took any pictures because I was just in awe of all the great things that were for sale.  But one thing that might interest you is who was the star of the show.

Cari from "Cash and Cari" an HGTV show.  I believe the new show starts up again on January 3, 2013. 

This is the only picture I took at the show. 

I believe Cari has a shop in Plymouth, MI that is called RePurpose.  Sorry to say, I haven't seen the show, but  plan on looking for it this time around.  She sure had a very popular booth!

I did pick up a couple things while there though.

This great wire basket.

This fun little bottle brush Halloween tree. 

Then to finish off the weekend of activities was Cameron's 6th birthday.  
This was the party my daughter made all the Super Hero capes for.  

Here they are from the front. 

...and the back....

The boys were super excited about getting their capes and masks.  


To top of my great weekend, I finished the Sunwashed quilt top.

I think I am most excited about that.  It feels like a very long time since I finished a quilt top in such a short time.  I will piece the backing and then put it aside on the pile of "things to be quilted" for now and then on to the next project.  

It's been a great weekend. Hope yours was, too.  

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  1. What a wonderful picture of Mom with her double wedding ring quilt!
    She hand quilted it? ... AWESOME!

    Your daughter made such terrific super hero capes for your grandson's birthday - what a great party theme!

    And last but not least... I LOVE how your Sunwashed quilt top turned out! Congrats on such a wonderful finish!


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