Sunday, May 6, 2012

Decisions, decisions....

Two Christmases ago (or at least I hope that it wasn't longer ago) a friend gave me a charm pack of Luna Notte by 3 Sisters (Moda) and a packet of 1" hexagon Paper Pieces.

I started making up some of the hexagons and really  liked what I saw, so back at the AQS Paducah show of  2011 in the back room of Hancocks I found more and bought myself another four or five charm packs.  Well, you all know, nothing got done around here for some time because of the Cherry Tree quilt, but my hands were idle last night so I pulled the project out.

I had a couple of "what I will call" my red blocks (love them!).

and I had a couple of what I will call the beginnings of my black blocks.

 I like them as they are (meaning no borders).

Well, I tried this.

I really like this, but don't know if it will work in the big scheme of things.  Seems to me that the blocks need to be the same size.


I added another "light" border that matches the red block..

Then because there are pink fabrics in the charm pack, I tried a pink border.

I am thinking I just need to make up more blocks and see how it all works out.  I figure if I don't like the pink border (because that wasn't in my original plan), I could always make pink coasters or if there are enough, I could incorporate them into a baby quilt. ...hmmmm, pays to start thinking out loud I guess.  .  So, I guess instead of fretting about it now, I am just going to keep making hexagons.  If I do it that way,  I will need to order more templates from  Paper Piecers.  Darn, they were in Paducah last week.  I should have been thinking ahead. 

I would appreciate any opinions!

Ok, back to stitching more hexagons. 


  1. Just my 2 cents worth, but I like the pink in is soft and subtle and somehow defines the darker, black hexies. Very pretty.
    Working with hexies is on my own Bucket List...

  2. I really like the red with light borders and black with pink borders. The red & black design elements seem to stand out more. Such pretty fabrics - no matter how you choose to place them it's going to turn out lovely!

  3. I can understand why you had to add more charm packs, the fabrics are lovely. The hexagons will end up telling you how to set them. Meanwhile enjoy the stitching.



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