Saturday, June 25, 2011

Tastes change.....

I needed to get back to my sewing, so I got the binding on this flannel quilt sewn on last night.

I had machine sewn the binding on a couple weekends ago on my girlfriend quilty weekend getaway, so last night I just sat down and hand stitched the whole thing down.  Now it is done. 

Ashamed to say that this quilt is one of my first quilts....probably over 10 years ago.  It was made to go into my living room where I had a sand rose leather couch and bluish green chair.  I no longer have that furniture.  Now I have red.  So....this isn't going to go.  I think it will be a good quilt for the couch in the basement.  That's why I said.....tastes change.  Another reason not to wait too long to finish a quilt. 

Why did it take me so long? Well, I had seen this quilt in the quilt shop and it was being offered up as a class.  I signed up and then the gal who was teaching it got sick with leukemia and was sick for well over a year.  I thought that I could do it anyways (which I could), but what held me back in finishing it was that it was hand quilted in perle cotton with a very pretty design.  Of course by the time I got the quilt top done, I couldn't remember how she had quilted it (it was no longer displayed in the shop), so there sat all my perle cotton for all these years.  I finally just got fed up seeing this sit in my closet, so it went along to the quilter with two other quilts (that still need their bindings made).  Now it is finished and outta the sewing room.  That in itself is a good feeling. 

Also, yesterday I  squared up all the lavender half square triangles for the baby quilt that I started, so I guess the next thing will be to put a row or two of the lavender zig zag rows together. 

I would say I am back in the swing of quilting.  I just needed to get my behind in that room and get myself motivated.  So, the wedding "let down" is done and over.  I'll be back with something new to report soon. 

Happy Quilting. 


  1. Great start back - you are on your way again!

  2. Anytime you can finish up binding on a quilt is always a good feeling! I am so far behind now I don't remember what a binding is anymore...and there are two wedding gifts to make yet.
    know what you mean about tastes changing...years ago I couldn't get a quilt dark enough - in the '90's it was very primitive and Red Wagon. Now I love the florals and anything red and green.
    Have a great weekend and enjoy your piecing.

  3. I agree, tastes definitely change. If I had to do over I wouldn't have built up such a large stash because some of the fabric doesn't really draw me to it anymore, although I do hope to get it used up in this lifetime in one way or another. The good part about having it is I bought it before the cost per yard got so expensive. Your flannel quilt is a pretty one and will be warm and cozy for cold winter days.

  4. Good for you on finishing a UFO! It definitely looks like your tastes have changed, but it also looks like a "Faye" quilt! The baby quilt is shaping up. Looks like it will be pretty!

  5. Congrats on getting that wonderful UFO quilt finished!
    The baby quilt is going to be very pretty!
    Nice to see you've got your sewing groove back!


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