Sunday, May 22, 2011

Wedding quilt (Triple Irish Chain) and more.....

It was no easy feat to get my husband to figure out how he was going to help me display this quilt so that I could get some decent pictures.  I think he nixed the idea of having to "hold" it up.  I had even suggested getting one of the neighbors to help him do that. 

After some thought, he got out the clamps and we clamped it to the eaves over the garage door. 

I had to be quick and get a couple good pictures between gusts of wind.  I think we have some storms moving in, but I was determined to get these pictures today.

I don't see any glaring mistakes, so if it is not popping out at me now, I am satisfied. 

Here's a little closer to see the quilting. 

My quilter did feathered wreaths in the open areas and continuous curves in the patchwork areas.

Here's just a peek at the backing.  It's nothing fancy except for what I think is a very pretty fabric and I am glad I have some left overs of it, too.

Now that this quilt is out of the way, I am getting busy on some of my other projects.  I had to catch up on my birthday exchange blocks and these two are the last for June.

Red - white- blue

Blue and cream

Oh....and remember this?

My moldy glue?

Well, thanks to Colleen over at, she sent me a new bottle, a beautiful fat quarter and a Marti Mitchell corner trimmer.  She said she had never heard of any of her glues going moldy before. 

All-in-all, this was a very productive and satisfying weekend.  Hope you all got to get some stitching in.


  1. What a gorgeous Wedding Quilt ! You have a great husband to go to all of that work for you so you can take the perfect picture !

  2. OMG - that is absolutely gorgeous!!!!! I've enjoyed watching your progress - give yourself a well earned pat on the back and (((HUGS))) for you too.

  3. What a sweet DH. It was worth it though, to see the whole quilt all finished and so beautiful. It's fantastic.

  4. Your Irish Chain is wonderful!

  5. It is beautiful Faye!!! Great job!

  6. Way to go! The quilt is excellent!

  7. Your pink and brown Irish chain is outstanding. I love that little bit of green in there.

  8. Fabulous! The wedding quilt will be loved - it is so beautiful and your husband is very brave to go up on that latter!

    Now you can "relax"!

  9. lovely shades of pink....what a gift!!



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