Sunday, May 1, 2011

Paducah and back....

What a whirlwind few days.  I commend the AQS for putting on such a great show and having to change the venue at the very last minute because of flooding.  I took a few pictures, but I bought the book of all the quilts, so didn't take as many as I would have normally. What I did take pictures of was the exquisite quilting on many or maybe I should say most of these quilts.  I don't know how next years quilts are going to beat these.   Anyways, here are a few of the quilts  and their quilting that just made my heart sing.

I could go on and on, but I am sure you can see all of the quilts on the AQS website.

Now I mentioned the flooding.  We lived it first hand as we stayed at Lighthouse Landing about 30 miles out of Paducah.

By the end of our stay, this sign and the parking lot to the left of it were all under water. 

See those posts?  They were at the edge of the parking lot. 

The great people at Lighthouse Landing worked tiredlessly making a new roadway for their guests to get in and out of the complex in case the road to and from got flooded, which it did. 

Here you can see the road off to the left just starting to have water encroach.

Here it is closed off. 

We watched  the river coming up over the few days we were staying there.

First day, it was already high with a fire hydrant half submerged.

The fire hydrant is that little yellow thing in the left hand side of the picture.  Watch the fence line.

Up to the fence.
Way past now.   There was a road going along side the beach that was no where to be seen, but this is how we ended our days.

Can't beat a sunset like that.  I can almost see a quilt make like that with black silhouettes.

I did come away with a little bit of a haul.  Now mind you, I  flew and only took carry on luggage, so I had to be kind of good.  Thank goodness for good strong men on the plane that helped me pick that thing up over my head.  LOL.

I bought a yard of upholstery fabric from Hancock's of Paducah for pillows to accent my study that needs new paint.

....and here's the rest of my haul.

I had a glorious time.  Ran into about 15 gals from an online message board that I am on and we shared strawberry shortcake which is a highlight of the week; and have just come away totally inspired.

I pray that the rising waters (which I hear are still rising) don't do damage and that everyone in that area will be safe and sound. to put that inspiration to work. 


  1. I'm very familiar with Lighthouse Landing, been there many times and sailed out of there many times. Did you eat at Patti's? Yummmmm just thinking about it. Glad you had a good time.

  2. Oh, Faye, I miss you already! Thanks for posting the pics!

  3. Thanks for sharing the photos, the quilting is amazing. I hope your flood waters have subsided, the weather has been crazy this year all over the globe.

  4. So happy to hear you had a wonderful time at the AQS show despite all the flooding!
    Love all the photo's and I'm already admiring the stash you brought home! lol


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