Sunday, April 24, 2011

It pays to prep ahead of time.

Being behind on my block of the month, I thought it wise to prep all five of my blocks while I had the time. What I am finding out is that when the stitching bug hits me, all I have to do is sit down and stitch. 
Novel idea, right?

Well, I checked back on my last post and it has only been four days since I finished the last block.

Block #19 is now done, too. 

That's pretty quick for me.  I mean, there has been work, there's been shopping and Easter all within those four days, so I am thinking that all my prep work has paid off. 

I'll have to remember that the next time.  yeah, right.....I am usually not that organized, but it is a good thought.

I have my next block all picked out to work on, but it is going to go into my suitcase.  I am heading to Paducah via St. Louis. 

I am meeting up with my friend Sandy who lives in St. Louis

and we are driving to Paducah and meeting up with a bunch of friends there to enjoy the big AQS show.  It's the 27th annual show.  I have been there a couple times and it is well worth going to if you have never been there before. 

I don't have a quilt in the show this year, but I can always dream!

I'll see you when I get back and with some pictures, too, I am sure.


  1. Good to see you are finding the time to sew and the 'me time'. Enjoy that quilt show!

  2. I found the same thing with prepping ahead, the stitching went fast but I haven't been able to get more prep time in. You block looks wonderful, love it, especially the white dot fabric on top of the urn, it looks lacy.

  3. Glad you are back to working on your blocks. You do such beautiful work!
    Can't wait to see you Wed. At least the airport is functioning again after those tornadoes last week!!

  4. Have a safe and happy Paducah trip...have not been down there in way too many years...long overdue! Have fun shopping.



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