Sunday, October 24, 2010


Can you tell that I am excited to have this block done?

All those little hairpin turns were very time consuming, but.....

Block #12 for the Beyond thc Cherry Trees if finished!  Yes!  I am so glad.  Now on to Block #13 which looks a little easier; and then if I get that one done by the 10th of November, I will be caught up again. 


  1. Absolutely GORGEOUS!
    Love it...LOVE IT!

  2. Beautiful block. You are right on top of things. I just downloaded the pattern last week. Great work.

  3. wow, I'm bowing to you over here. I realized I did all my pieces the wrong size for block 2, took them all apart, redrew and rebasted, tonight I pinned down all the leaves so it's ready to stitch. Still working on the tiny centers of block 1, had company all weekend so will post pics asap.

  4. Those little fingers may have been time consuming but, they are well worth the effort - looking great!

  5. That's a really pretty one. If you will be caught up that soon, you didn't get too far behind, did you? How many blocks are in the series?

  6. That block is so Beyond Lovely!!! What wonderful colors and your applique is just terrific!
    I am running out of excuses to start...
    Thanks for Sharon's link too!



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