Sunday, October 31, 2010

Not as liberated as I thought I was.....

I finally found the time to finish up my liberated baskets quilt.

I thought this would take no time at all to put on the  1.5" stripe border and then my 6" red border, but when I started taking quilt was not square!  Argh!!!  I hate problems.  I couldn't just trim, but had to add fabric because I was WAY OFF.  "sigh".   So much for being liberated.  I need a pattern AND I need to work in my own environment, not on a 6' table amongst chaos at a retreat and trying to hang my stuff up on a loosely hung piece of batting on a wall. I squared up all my blocks, but I think trying to hang them up and make them fit just didn't work for me.  But.....the borders are now on and don't look too bad.  The quilt isn't perfect, but it is ready for the quilter and I think next time (if there is a next time), I will make blocks in a uniform size. 

Also, started prepping for block #13 of the Cherry Trees.  I have made my master sheet.

...and marked my background to get a general idea where my applique pieces will go. 

I will be stitching tomorrow. 


  1. I think your liberated baskets look great. We are often our harshest critics. However, I have had the same problem with the design wall. I made a similar discovery after put on 2 borders. I've undone blocks within the top but still not right. One day, I'll get around to undoing the whole thing. Now I know never measure on the design wall. Looking forward to the Cherry tree block.

  2. I think your Liberated Basket top looks Awesome!
    If the top isn't perfectly square...only YOU will know. Besides....if someone persnickety DID call you out on it (and I seriously doubt it) - be sure to remind's LIBERATED ;D
    Seriously - I love how this quilt turned out!
    Can't wait to see block #13 of your Cherry Tree quilt. are SO close to the finish line on this Gorgeous quilt!

  3. Nice, I like the design. You should check out my site, I have added a very new, fresh, exciting, and creative twist to quilting. Checking the site out and reading what it is about will be a positive experience for you. =) Keep up the good work!

  4. Wonky or not, I love your basket quilt! n I am so glad you kept going even though things were not going together correctly. I find that I do not do my best work at a retreat. I like to be home in my own environment and plenty of room to work.

  5. I love the touches of rick rack, so fun. It turned out great!
    I too have a hard time at retreats so usually bring something that does not take a lot of brain prepared applique!!!

  6. Liberated or not, it's beautiful!

  7. Ruthie is right, it's beautiful and I especially like the black and white stripe inner border.

  8. I think it looks great! It's still "you"

  9. Faye the basket quilt is wonderful! I think you did a great job making your liberated blocks. They're all so different and cute and that's what makes the quilt so special. It makes me want to get back to finishing mine.

  10. Hello,you have a nice blog,I like it! really nice you made a good job ;)

  11. I think your baskets quilt is gorgeous! I can't wait to see it all quilted. All quilter's do something a little wonky once in a while....I wouldn't worry about it :o)

    When I go on a retreat I always have to do something I've done before or something very easy....learning a new concept in a room with a bunch of other ladies just isn't my thing.

    Love the Beyond the Cherry Tree's blocks too!



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