Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Block #7 is about to sprout.....

True to my word, I waited until the 10th (which is when the new block is normally posted on)  to start this block and worked on something else until then.  I am trying to keep up with the BOM and then in between work on some UFOs  and even some new stuff at times.

Anyways, Block # 7  is almost to the point of putting on the berries/flower buds (not sure which they are) which are green and red.  This block is driving me a little crazy because it really isn't truly correct in how the stems go into the vase, but I am sticking with the original antique quilt design even though I am not sticking with the colors. 

I just wanted a scrappy red and green quilt and that is the way I am going with this one.  There are almost 50 small circles that will be added to this once the leaves are done, but I wanted to share this with you now so that you can see my progress.

Ok...gotta finish those leaves and then get started on all those tiny, tiny circles. 


  1. I thought the vase was a basket and the stems were behind the basket handle. I think I would have strayed from the pattern and put a couple stems on the inside of the (my interpretation) handle. I can't wait to see it burst with color when you add the buds/cherries. Keep up the good work.

  2. It looks fabulous! You're really moving along on this gorgeous quilt!

  3. Mimi your block is beautiful. Fab color selection

  4. Thanks Nancy. I think I like the idea that it is a basket. It makes more sense to me now. Also...what was I thinking? Of course the little circles will be cherries. What else? I mean, the quilt IS CALLED Beyond the Cherry Trees. Dah!

  5. Am interested to see how this progresses...looks so interesting


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