Sunday, December 27, 2009

Idle hands during the holidays....

Well, with all the hustle and bustle of the holidays you wouldn't think I had idle hands, but after everyone left, I was feeling antsy, so I picked up my left over yarn from the previous two neck warmers and used them both on one for myself.

I started this one Christmas night and worked on it most of the next day. Had to run to the store to get buttons to complete it and needed buttons for the eyes of the ducks for my "Just Ducky" quilt...which by the way I got back from the quilter this week. Since the shower is a week from today...and I had the time....along with idle hands....I thought I would apply the binding and the eyes and now the "Just Ducky" quilt is finished....except for the label; but I have all week to do that.....right!!!

"Just Ducky" finished out at 43" square and I used twelve 1/4" buttons for the eyes. I, also, had to show the lovely quilting my quilter, Karen McDavitt, did on this quilt. I gave her to the 1st of January to finish this. That would have given me a good day to do the binding, buttons and label, but she had it done just before Christmas.
So, anyways....I am feeling "Just Ducky" to be so ahead of the game for a change. Of course, I won't mention it if I am making that label the night before the shower. ;D


  1. Oh, this is the quilt from APQ! I love it! Thanks for stopping by my blog and throwing in your 2 cents...I think we're right :)

  2. Beautiful , Faye. I know that will be a tough one to give away!

  3. Faye, the quilt is darling. And I LOVE the neck-warmer. I'm so glad you made one for yourself!!



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