Sunday, December 13, 2009

I think I am hooked....

Yes, I have been working on my wool project and I think I am hooked. The colors, the feel of wool, the ease of working with wool and the folksy look that it exudes. Today I have fused all the final pieces onto the background using Misty Fuse. I am only going to show you some closeups, so that I can save the completed project for later when everything is completely stitched down. Here are the pennies (I just love them!!!)

Then here is one of the pineapples.

A closeup of one of the hearts and vines.

...and I just had to lay out a few of the tongues just to get an idea how they will look.

So, all the first steps of stitching are two layers of the pennies and the three layers of the tongues are stitched. Don't look too close at the pennies. Working at night, I started stitching them in a variegated thread thinking it was a gray/black variegated, but it was my dark green (which I don't have too much of); and even though I was told that I should probably stick with one thread color for a particular piece, I didn't; but's folk art, so I hope I won't be sorry someday. Like I said earlier though.....I am loving this project and can't wait to get it done and put it somewhere in my living room. Ok....I am off to stitch some more.


  1. I'm loving it! I've always loved the piece that Suzie has in the downstairs bathroom at the Harbor Star. You girls got me back into knitting and I don't dare try wool or I may never get back to my quilting.

  2. Goodness, but those little pennies are beautiful. Your work is so lovely.

  3. Looking great whatever it is. lol I love working with wool. It's sooo smooth.

  4. Ah, Nancy. You never know !
    Faye....beautiful work.


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