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All my ducks are in a row.....

and in the pond......or at least that is my interpretation since all the blocks are blue. I am just assuming that they represent water. Then again, they are pull toys, so they wouldn't be in the water. Oh well, so much for that scenario.

Anyways...... my "Just Ducky" quilt top is DONE, DONE, DONE!!! Yeah!!! The backing is pieced and the batting is cut to size and it is all hanging on a hanger. I will be calling the quilter tomorrow to see if she can have it quilted by the first week of January. I am sure I will put her in a panic when I call her as I am sure she is swamped with quilts that need to be done by Christmas.

Also, I finished the second Thermis neck warmer. This one I made out of Lamb's Pride (85% wool and 15% mohair). This one I made in the regular size, where the first one was made larger. They are both Christmas gifts for my office mates and the one that will receive the larger one doesn't like tight turtlenecks, so I thought making it bigger would make her feel more comfortable in it. So glad to have these out of the way, too. They were pretty easy and I may make one for myself using the two different yarns that I made these two out of. I have plenty left over and I think the two different yarns would really add to the design and texture.

Then there is my audition of this border fabric for my left over half square triangles. I was thinking that they would make up a cute table topper. I had purchased this "border" fabric "just because I loved it". I didn't have anything in mind when I bought it, but on bringing it home, I thought it would work out well with this small quilt. My thoughts on it were to make fairly large borders and then scallop them with possibly a vine and tons of leaves. Thought I would get a few opinions on this border.

I have a friend, Sharon, who seems to be hooked on leaves lately . Most of her applique quilts are just loaded with leaves and they are all beautiful. I wasn't sure I wanted to commit to a really large quilt with tons of leaves, so I thought if I tried quite a few leaves on this small quilt, that just maybe I would get my fill of them and not find myself doing a queen sized quilt that required 1 million leaves.

Well, on to see what the next project will be. It may be leaves or it could be any one of the numerous projects that I have waiting for me in my sewing room. Still can't understand where all those projects came from.....hmmmm.....


  1. I love your Just Ducky quilt! So cute!

  2. Cute ducks - really cute! I really like the idea of those neck warmers - could you direct me to the pattern please.

    Hugs - Gail

  3. Go for the leaves, Faye! I cant wait to see it done!

  4. I saw this pattern in BHG and loved it too...very cute.


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