Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Back from retreat....

Actually I have been back since late Saturday night, but life has been crazy since returning home. I did have a glorious time at my retreat though. Here's a shot of the stage in the huge room we had for setting up our sewing machines where after three nights of show-n-tell (there were 39 of us, so we had to divide it up in three days) we each got to choose one of our quilts to put up for display and this is the result.

Then we have our group pictures on the stairway just off the lobby.

Then this one is on the stage with all the "fav" quilts.

I would think that the majority of us got a lot accomplished. Of course there are those that just talked too much and didn't sew like they had planned, but we all had fun.

We had a monkey pant (scrubs/lounge pants) fashion show. Don't ask...... the monkey pant name is kind of a long story, but we did get a lot of the gals to make them with embellishments or other adornment. Made for quite a fun time. Here's the "chorus line" of us all in our pants.

We had a prize table full of gifts that we all donated. Throughout the day each day our names were pulled from the hat and we got to choose a goodie. That's always fun. We all love to get gifts, right?

A nice surprise this time around was that we had a Lenni mid-arm at our disposal and there were several gals who got to load a quilt or two to get them quilted over the week. Our gal, Angela, is a rep for the company and rented it from Tuesday through Saturday. I wasn't one of them, but a lot of quilts got completed because of it. Here's my roomie, Sandy, working on her "poppy" quilt.

My car mate, Sheila, and I made only one quilt shop stop on the way to St. Louis and then again going back. I had filled my punch card going down and just didn't want to wait a year to use it, that's why we stopped again going home. Quilts Plus is in Indianapolis and is one of the Better Homes and Garden top 10 shops. I wholeheartedly agree with them. Love that shop!!!

Give me another day or two and I will post some pictures of some beautiful quilts up close and personal and of some of the gals in their crazy outfits and some of the other shenanigans that were taking place. I am not sure if I have recuperated yet, but hey...being with all these wonderful gals and getting to sew and have your meals made for you....what more could a woman ask for?......oh yeah....more time!!!

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  1. Great pictures!!! This is the first time I've seen some of them.



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