Sunday, June 14, 2009

All packed and ready to go....

Sewing machine, projects, gifts, prizes for the prize table, charity quilts, show-n-tell, GPS are all packed and ready to go. Once I get up in the morning, my suitcase will be zipped and it will all be waiting for me when I get home from work. Then my friend, Sheila, and I will be taking off for our annual retreat (RIM aka retreat in the middle) in St. Louis, MO where we meet up with on-line friends from all over the U.S. (We do have friends in Canada, but we haven't talk them into joining us just yet.) There will be around 40 or so of us this year.

We will have a representative from the local hospital picking up over 100 love covers for the NICU and there are a number of quilts that will be donated to teens who, I believe, are in the foster system.

We are staying at the Mercy Center in St. Louis. This is a convention/retreat facility AND where several retired nuns live. Last year each of these nuns received quilts from us, too.

There will be lots of eating, yakking, laughing and definitely lots of sewing in between.

So when I get back next weekend, I will have some pictures to share with you of all the great gals who I now can call friends, You will see some of the craziness that goes on, some of the beautiful quilts that are being made and some of our show-n-tell which is HUGE!!

I hope you have as good a week as I know I will have. See you next weekend.

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