Monday, May 25, 2009

Quilting on Memorial Day....

Finished off this baby quilt this morning as I have been under a time crunch. Actually, that was self-induced.....but then I work well under pressure. The shower is this coming Saturday and I had the center made up a few weeks ago from the charm pack that I won for the AQS online contest. I just ordered border, backing and binding fabric to match to finish it off. I marked it, layered it, quilted it and put the binding on yesterday and finished handstitching it down this morning. The fabric line is called Sweetpea and I think it looks quite retro.

After getting the last stitch in this morning and in the washer, we left for a Memorial Day parade with my daugher, her husband and the two grandkids. Here they are watching the parade.

All of a sudden my oldest grandson yelled, "the pirates are coming!!!".

Actually, it was just the fife players. LOL!

Also, thought I would share a picture of another quilt that came out of the washer this morning. It is the laptop quilt that I had made for my father-in-law before he passed away. Just this weekend we cleaned out the house, as my mother-in-law is now in an assisted living, and I took this quilt back. He was my biggest fan when it came to my quilts and I loved him dearly. So, to have this quilt back is very special to me and hopefully one day, one of my kids will love it the way I do. It's just a scrappy quilt, but he was so thrilled to think that I would make him something.

Well, I hope you all had a great Memorial Day. Thanks to all our veteran's who have done or are doing so much for us, too.


  1. Aww....the boys at the parade are so sweet. What a great memory. Pirates? That's great!
    The baby quilt is sweet, but I still really like the FIL's quilt.

  2. Oh, it's so very cute! Did you fold down the edges of the squares and sew them or leave the raw edges? I have see lots of quilts lately with the edges raw and I'm trying to decide if I should do it for my next project.

    Cute, Cute!

  3. The baby quilt is cute. I love that line of fabric. For how busy you are you seem to be churning out alot of projects.

  4. What a cute baby quilt - glad you got it all finished up in time. How nice that you have one of your creations back in your life .... it's a lovely quilt.

  5. I am only finishing up projects. Haven't really started anything new in awhile.

  6. Beth, I sewed the blocks with seams. There are no raw edges. Especially for a baby, I didn't want any fuzz or strings that the baby could get a hold of. Thanks for the compliments, gals.

  7. I like the bright colors with the white - great look.



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