Thursday, April 30, 2009

Sneek peek....

There were four quilts hanging around the sewing room that needed quilting and since I am going on a quilty retreat in June and wanted to take them for show-n-tell, I thought I had better get going and get them to the quilter. Well, I picked them up the pouring rain (rain, rain, go away) and hope to get the bindings on real quick. As I do, I will post a picture of the fully finished quilt.

First quilt is the Crows in the Corner; second quilt is a sampler of blocks that were an exchange between my sister-in-law and myself; third quilt is a shop hop quilt and the fourth quilt is the Strawberries and Lemonade quilt from a tower of fabric by the same name that I won at the retreat last year and will be attending again this year in June.

Enjoy your sneek peek. Finished quilts coming soon. :D


  1. I'm very interested to see the Strawberries & Lemonade one complete .... do it first - please, pretty please - LOL. Retreat is right around the corner, if I were closer I'd come and help with those bindings. Have a great day Mimi!

  2. Just love the way we only saw a tiny peek! Looking forward to a show and tell...a mini-quilt 'bout a bed-turning????

  3. If I had a bed would be like Princess and the Pea.

  4. You have some great quilts there that I'm dying to see completed. We'll have to get together soon so we can see them in person.


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