Saturday, March 14, 2009

Pink = Hearts

I couldn't resist. I have so much sewing that I need to get to. In fact, of the three quilts that I took to the quilter yesterday, one of my backings wasn't big enough (what was I thinking?), so I need to get that done and over to her and I really need to get back to my Crows in the Corner (which won't take me long if I would just devote some time to it), but after another very hectic day, I needed some instant gratification. Sooooo.....I made another NICU knit cap.

I started this last night and stayed up late to get through the heart pattern (didn't want to forget where I left off) and then this morning did the decrease rows for the crown. It's so adorable. I am anxious to get to some more, but I NEED TO SEW!!!


  1. Absolutely adorable! I'm busy on a plain one and then will do a heart pattern one.

  2. OMG! They are just too cute. Some mother will be so tickled to see that on her baby.



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