Sunday, March 8, 2009

Happy Birthday to me.....

Yes, it is my birthday and my dear husband surprised me with a little cake to celebrate with my family and grandsons.

This weekend was supposed to be a girl's weekend for quilting back out at the farm with my mini group and one of the gals' sister-in-law who makes jewelry, but it turned into a crazy weekend.

I have mentioned in the past that my life has been very hectic, but haven't said why. What's happening is that I am taking care of my first mother-in-law who was just put in assisted living in January because of a fall and subsequent concussion which seemed to progress her dementia, and the fact that my husband takes care of his father who has suffered a stroke and now I have my mom in the hospital with congestive heart failure and we are looking at her getting an ICD tomorrow and worrying about my dad who is worrying about her AND recently moving the two of them in an apartment, and the fact that this weekend was my husband's birthday and mine.

So, this is how I spent my weekend which I had hoped would be a quilting get away. On Friday morning we had a meeting at the hospital to meet my mom's electrophysiologist for a family meeting and then I took off for the farm to sew, but left late that night so that the two of us, the kids and the grandkids could go to the Detroit Autorama early on Saturday and from there to visit my mom in the hospital and then back to the farm to sew until late that night. Got up early Sunday to get home and go to a wedding shower for my nephew. Like I said has been crazy for a couple months and I sure would like it to settle down. There just doesn't seem to be enough hours in a day or enough days in a week.

Anyways, here is a picture of my two grandsons standing next to a car with "dummy" legs sticking out from underneath a car at the Autorama. They just love cars ....just like their papa (grandpa).

But I have to show you what we accomplished this weekend at our sewing marathon. I finished the Strawberries and Lemondae quilt. Just need to buy some batting and it is ready for the quilter. I even made the binding for this quilt.

I pieced some batting for the black and white baby quilt and worked on some more applique for the Crows in the Corner.

Sharon finished her flower basket quilt and put together a beautiful table topper.

Alyson, Sharon's sister-in-law, made several pieces of jewelry and she just loved the idea of having so much free time to get to work on her hobby.

Nancy made several blocks for a new red and yellow quilt. It is sashed with white. Doesn't she have the best taste in fabrics? Love this one Nancy!

Thank heaven for friends and some free time to get me out of the house to do something I love....quilting and being with my friends. Hopefully, life will settle down soon and I will have a whole lot more to share with you .

Anyways! Happy Birthday to me!!!

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  1. Happy Birthday to you! Was thinking of you.

    (((HUGS))) for your heart.



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