Monday, February 2, 2009

Quilty Chicks down on the farm.....

Well, not really a farm in the sense that most of you would think, but the three of us spent the weekend up at one of my mini group gal's second home that they haven't moved into yet that is out in the country and we had a sewing frenzy weekend. She had the living room all set up for us with large tables, fluorescent lighting, extension cords. We each had a bed, hot showers, good food and drink. What more could a gal ask for? Here's a little sampling of the things that we accomplished this weekend.

First this gives you an idea of how we were set up. Sharon's working on the design wall and Nancy is busy sewing away.

The following are Nancy's creations. The first being her log cabin quilt. As I write, she almost has this top together now.

Then she has this baby quilt that will be put in her pile of "ready made baby shower quilts".

Then we have Nancy's Turning Twenty that still needs a scrappy border.

Then we have Sharon's patchwork quilt that she finished up this weekend and one of my favorites is her applique quilt that needs to be sewn together. It will require a scalloped border, but this quilt was gorgeous.

I finally got the chance to put together some left over half square triangles and made a small table topper unless I decide to put a border on it to make it a little larger.

With this baby quilt, I used the charm pack that I won as one of the prizes for the AQS contest. Sorry, I can't remember the line. I took off the tag with the fabric line thinking I wouldn't forget the name.....but as usual, I did. But it is a cute baby fabric. ('s Sweetpea)

Then there is this 48" square quilt that is going to be for a baby shower all made from my stash of black and whites and batiks for a splash of color.

I did get the backings made for the black and white quilt AND the backing is made for the Strawberries and Lemonade Merry-Go-Ground quilt, too.

I even found time to work on my knitting and here is the progress I made on my sock (notice, only one yet) and the aqua sweater.

All-in-all, it was a great weekend....productive and stress free because there was no having to cook, no having to clean, no having to answer the phone, no having to do anything but what we wanted. Thanks gals!!!


  1. I sure enjoyed our weekend, and I look forward to doing it again soon. I'm glad you chicks had a good time!

  2. OHHHHH! I love it all. Socks are turning out so nice. And I love your baby quilts. Guess I have to get busy around here and finish some stuff.

  3. It's fun looking at all that got accomplished over the weekend. I've already started thinking about what new and unfinished projects I'm bringing to the next Holiday Road Retreat.



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