Sunday, December 28, 2008

60 MPH winds.....

Well, that warm weather we were experiencing yesterday was absolutely wonderful. It was nearly 60 degrees out. DH and I took a walk downtown Rochester to see the Christmas lights before they are done for until next year.

Of course, this morning 60 mph winds blew in the cold weather again and we are back down to 32 degrees. We did find that the winds blew down our pear tree early this morning. This is the tree that DH was going to cut down but he was waiting for all the leaves to drop. If you notice, we are at the end of December and there are still leaves on this tree.

Since it was so windy and chilly out, I stayed in my sewing room most of the day and made up another three rows of blocks for the Merry Go Round quilt. One whole tower of Strawberries and Lemonade made this 62 x 82 quilt and all I have left is 8 half blocks and several wedges that will be used for charity baby quilts (or at least that is my plan).

I, also, made up one of my Hearts and Hand blocks. This quilt is going to be so pretty. I have a couple more prepped and ready to stitch, but since I have been neglecting my Dear Jane, I am sure this one is going to take some time to do, too.

Well, I hope the weather is good where you are; and I hope I have more to report to you in regards to my sewing soon.

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Is it Spring yet?

Well, at least that is how I felt when I got up this morning. We are getting 52 degree weather today after living in what has felt like arctic weather here in Michigan. This good weather (even though it is raining) is only going to last for a day before it goes back to arctic temperatures. I do have to say though that we got to enjoy a beautiful "white" Christmas.

Thought it was time to get back into the sewing room now that all the festivities have died down. I have plenty of things to choose from where projects are concerned. First off I decided to pick up a box of blocks that have been sewn into rows since I think September. I now have all 21 rows sewn together and am thinking of making a couple more rows before deciding if I am going to put a border on this quilt or not. This project came about because I had won a "tower" of Strawberries and Lemonade fabric while at my St. Louis, MO retreat back in June of 2008. I am hoping to get this project done for the 2009 retreat.

Secondly, I decided to get out my Hearts and Hands pattern and cut out a bunch of pieces from freezer paper. The fabric stack of beautiful fabrics that Nancy gave me for Christmas will be used for this hand applique project and I am looking forward to picking out which fabrics go where.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

No Grinch here....

Even though "The Grinch Stole Christmas" is on TV while I am putting my food together for tomorrow's Christmas Eve gathering with family AND finishing up wrapping the last of the Christmas presents, I am getting excited about celebrating with the people I love. The best thing is going to be watching my two little grandsons. Their excitement and anticipation of the decorations and the presents is so fun to watch. Kids are what make Christmas fun. So here's a little taste of my Christmas decorations and I am wishing you all a very Merry Christmas.

Monday, December 22, 2008

Here's the Hawaiian applique pillow.

Office Christmas party today....

Let me back up by saying that my coworker went to Hawaii earlier this year and brought me back a Hawaiian applique book. A few months later she asked if I had made anything out of it yet. Well, she isn't a quilter and doesn't realize that we quilters collect books, patterns and magazines with things that we want to make....just not necessarily in this lifetime. Anyways, so that I wouldn't have to try and explain this to someone who probably wouldn't understand, I thought I would make one block and either make it into a wall hanging or a make it into a pillow and give it to her for Christmas. I had her pick out two fabrics that would match either her bedroom or her family room and from that I made her this Christmas present. She was so totally excited that she went through the whole office showing it off. I guess I did good...AND, she won't be asking me if I have made anything out of that book...which is a good thing.

Thought I better add a picture here.

Here' the picture of my winning quilt. Thought I had better post it before I went on to something else.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

First time blogging!

What better time?! Two gals from my mini group have started blogging and have been wanting the other two of us to get started. Now that I have something exciting to share, I thought I would give this a try.

This past October, I entered the AQS online quilt contest with my War and "Piece" quilt. Voting took place through most of November. By letter I was notified that I was one of 15 winners. The top four were going to be featured in their magazine and I was one of them. Didn't know which one at the time, but now know that I am the "grand prize" winner. This is absolutely one of the best things to happen to me other than my children and now my two grandson...and another grandchild on the way. I am beside myself with excitement. I'll post more about this exciting time as things unfold.

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