Monday, December 22, 2008

Office Christmas party today....

Let me back up by saying that my coworker went to Hawaii earlier this year and brought me back a Hawaiian applique book. A few months later she asked if I had made anything out of it yet. Well, she isn't a quilter and doesn't realize that we quilters collect books, patterns and magazines with things that we want to make....just not necessarily in this lifetime. Anyways, so that I wouldn't have to try and explain this to someone who probably wouldn't understand, I thought I would make one block and either make it into a wall hanging or a make it into a pillow and give it to her for Christmas. I had her pick out two fabrics that would match either her bedroom or her family room and from that I made her this Christmas present. She was so totally excited that she went through the whole office showing it off. I guess I did good...AND, she won't be asking me if I have made anything out of that book...which is a good thing.

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  1. I love that pillow,F. Good job! You never know--you might become inspired to make an hawaiian quilot yourself and finish it--unlike someone else you know.



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