Thursday, July 23, 2020

Getting things quilted.......

There's a pile of quilts that need quilting, so I have gotten myself downstairs where it is much cooler than it is outside to work on a few of them.  

The first two were customer quilts  that are now on their way back home to California.

The customer requested meandering.  Even though that is a simple stitch, it still brings a scrappy quilt to life.  

This one was sashed in teal 

This identical one in design was sashed in a brown oak leaf and acorn fabric.

This next quilt was the result of  lotto blocks won at  a retreat several years ago.  I think it was this century!  We were each given the blue floral and told to add yellow/gold and white fabrics to complete the blocks.

Anyways, I had high hopes to get the outside border which was going to be white , appliqued with stems, flowers and leaves.  As you can see, that didn't happen.  

I figured done is better than fermenting in the closet. Thankfully I still had plenty of the blue floral to make a good sized border.  I just bought the yellow to add the smaller border and to back the quilt.  

I have quilted this one using the Alouette (new to me) pantograph.  

I used Gold Glide on top and Cream Fil-tec bobbins.

Finished it. 

Since the backing was a solid color and the quilting was dense enough and pretty enough, I think this one could be reversible and used as a "whole cloth".  

I will be binding it in the yellow.

I am pretty pleased with this one and so happy that it is finally nearing the finishing stage.  

Now to get back to the slowly dwindling "to be quilted" pile.  


  1. A yellow binding will be perfect!

    Even if that was one of the retreats I went to, I cannot claim a block in there. I'm sure I didn't do that one!

    Not only is finished better than perfect, it's better than "pretty good." (I used to have to try to not be a perfectionist--a long time ago.)

  2. Liking the puzzle like quilting design in the scrappy quilt and your feathers in the yellow and blue quilt are so pretty. A yellow binding would frame this one perfectly!


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