Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Just in time for Summer.......

I say just in time for Summer because  it is just in time to start packing away all my hand knit, wool sweaters and miscellaneous items.

The day it turned 70* here in Michigan, I finally took my Florentine Cocoon off the needles.  My timing wasn't so perfect since this wrap is definitely meant for frigid temperatures.  In fact, I have waited days to take a picture of it for everyone to see since it's just too warm to put it on even for a photo shoot.  

Here's my finished cocoon.  Just like Michigan weather goes,  we've had  pretty frigid weather since that 70*.  We even had a hard freeze for a couple of nights, but here I am again waiting until it is warmer before getting these pictures taken.  Note:  (Don't mind the @quarantine hair as I can hardly wait for the beauty shops to open again so that I can get a haircut by a professional.  I've cut my own bangs four times since last visiting a beauty shop!)

This is going to be a great wrap on chilly nights.  I may have been late for this past winter, but I am ahead of the game for next winter!

As soon as I was done with the cocoon, I picked up the yarn that I wound not so long ago and had started the Pebble Wrap.  This one isn't going to take nearly as long at my Cocoon.  That project had over 550 stitches per row!!!

Anyways, here's where I am at on my wrap.

While waiting for the weather to cooperate to take a picture of the Cocoon, I had finished the Pebble Wrap.

Love this one.  Although I wish it were a little bigger (more like a shawl than just a wrap).

Don't know if you can tell, but the color is sea glass (a pale blue) with a variegated yarn added in to make the little squares of color.

I just took this off the blocking boards tonight.

You can see the striping effect the  alternating yarn gives the wrap.

I am very happy with the way this one turned out.  

Putting the needles away for a bit.  There is plenty of quilting to do which I am well on my way in getting quite a few quilts completed, but am saving sharing them until I can have a show-n-tell with some friends.

So, happy crafting and stay safe and healthy!

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  1. The wrap and the shawl look wonderful.
    I could never knit in the warmer months either.


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