Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Finishing up.....

Gathering Baskets is completely done now.  The binding was attached and hand sewn down last night.

Then to finish up the Halloween season, I made another Halloween pillowcase because I noticed that one of my grandsons didn't have a pillowcase for trick or treating.  I had to remedy that before next Halloween and what better time than when Halloween fabric is on sale.

So I ran out today and picked up fabric and made this one this afternoon as I will be seeing him tonight.

I will have one more to make  for the littlest guy, but he requested spiders.  Hmmmm....I am not fond of spiders, but I found a "cute" spider (if they can be cute) fabric online and ordered that.  Once it gets here, I will throw that one together and then I am all caught up on Halloween pillowcases.  

Feels good to get things done and out of the sewing room.

Now....on to the next project.  


  1. (Anonymous) Sharon: You got that binding on that quilt in record time! I'm surprised you were able to uncleanch your fingers enough to be able to sew that adorable pillow case. (I hate spiders too!)

  2. Congratulations on finishing your Basket Quilt!
    The pillow case is adorable.
    Looking forward to seeing what's going to be next under your needle!

  3. I love that pillowcase. I have some of that polka dot fabric, too. Wish I had more, it's so cool.


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