Sunday, July 30, 2017

July's final post

How easy it is to hole one's self up in their air-conditioned sewing room when they have a project going that they want to finish, but today was a beautiful day.  It was 86 and breezy and just so sunny that I sat outside all afternoon and put the binding on my Roaring Waves quilt.  

It is now complete AND I got to enjoy the weather as well.

Not only did I enjoy sewing and enjoy the weather, but my flowers and all the greenery are just bursting this year with nature's beauty.  I guess the weather has been perfect for everything this year.

My hydrangea are prolific and huge.

They are ready to pick and dry so that I can enjoy them all winter long. 

Also, this is the first year that my pink hydrangea have bloomed; and I have had this plant for years.  It  has never bloomed at all, but this year it surprised me and is bursting at the seams.  I have done nothing to ensure that the flowers were pink, too.

The Rose of Sharon are producing huge flowers, too.  They are as big as saucers.  

I can't remember what these flowers are called, but they bring a beautiful purple to my little English garden.

Then there is my favorite tree in the back yard.  It's a Weeping Katsura.  Several years ago my son planted it with the intent of replanting it in his own yard.  Well, it is definitely staying here since it is so large that he couldn't move it without possibly damaging it.  So, lucky me....I get to continue to enjoy it.  My little grandson loves hiding underneath it and believe is hard to see him when he is under there.  

Well, the day was coming to an end, so I decided to hang my Roaring Waves on the kitchen quilt rack.  

I wish I could have had this up for the Fourth of July, but's still July and I love red, white and blue any time of the year; so I will enjoy this one for awhile until the next holiday comes along. 

Hope you had great weather where you're at and that you got to do what you love to do, too.  


  1. That quilt turned out so cute! Thanks for the tour of your beautiful yard!

  2. What a gorgeous, patriotic quilt. Well done! It would even look great in one color using different tones - thanks for the inspiration.
    Your hydrangea are lovely!

  3. (Anonymous) Sharon: That tree! I've never seen your yard in summer before. It's beautiful.
    I knew that patriotic quilt was going to be fun to work on and beautiful once done. Great job!

  4. That quilt turned out so cute! Thanks for the tour of your beautiful yard!



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