Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Time needs to SLOOOOWWW down......

Prior to leaving for retreat #2 I finished Nancy's nautical quilt.

Then it was packing up for Shipshewana, IN.

I have never been there and we stayed at the Farmstead Inn where I highly recommend having a quilt retreat.  The facility was perfect for a retreat.....great accommodations, good lighting in the sewing areas and located by lots of great shopping.  

While there I made all the blocks for my Diamond Detour and started putting it together. Here is what I have done so far.  

I did some shopping and have to say I absolutely loved Yoder's and Lolly's.  


I have plans for the yellow.  The minions is going to be a pillowcase for my grandson and no plans for the black and white.  Then there was this embossed minky.  I fell in love with it and will most likely back a baby quilt with it.  

Besides quilting, I have been winding yarn and doing some knitting.  

Over the Memorial Weekend I attended a Plucky Knitter trunk show and bought the following five skeins of yarn that I, also, wound.  

This is what I started out knitting with.....PurlSoho, Ballet Pink,  Merino Mulberry.

As of today, I have used two skeins to get it to here. 

It's still on the needles and I am deciding whether to add another skein to it or stop here at 50" and make a matching hat or continue as the pattern says and get it to near 75-78".  

I have plans for the other skeins, except for the aqua ones.  I'll find something.  These are just great take along projects or late night projects to work on.   

I have been back from retreat for over a week, but  because we went up North over the long holiday weekend, I am just now getting my retreat stuff unpacked, so now it is time to get really busy.  

There are just too many things I want to do and still doesn't appear to be enough time to do them.  


  1. OOh! I'm looking forward to seeing all of those in person one day soon!
    (Anonymous) Sharon

  2. Told ya so - retirement only means your days are busier than ever! You have got to pace yourself girl:-) at the rate you are going, by next month you won't have any projects left to do...
    Love your yarn container and winder and all the yarns...the fabrics too...working with minions fabric is just plain fun - our adult kids have to take turns with the minions quilt.

  3. Happy to hear you enjoyed your trip to IN!
    LOVE the Nautical quilt and all those pretty yarns you purchased.
    Diamond Detour is looking terrific too!



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