Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Let's think Winter for a moment.....

I say that only because I just finished knitting a wool scarf.

It is the Broken Garter Scarf from PurlSoho and I love it.  
It's soft, warm and I love this color (pink ballet).

Ok, moment is over. 

It's too hot outside to think Winter.  We need to enjoy the beautiful weather we have been having here in Michigan.  

I have been busy the last few days.  I had a customer request a baby quilt (Wednesday), so we texted back and forth for over an hour.  She showed me a quilt from Etsy that she liked.  It was  super simple, so I agreed.  It had to be done by the 12th.  That gave me 11 days to order the fabric, make the quilt, quilt it and bind it.    

She showed me the fabrics that she wanted from Hawthorne Threads.  

Here are the fabrics that came in the mail on Saturday. 

This gal is really retro/eclectic.

The baby's room is turquoise, orange and white, so I think her choices are pretty good for the room and her style, too.  

The design she decided on was this. 

Super simple and quick. 

The binding is made. 

I loaded it on the longarm and used a panto called Prism which goes well with the fabric design.  I even used a soft orange colored thread to quilt this.  

Quilting is done.

You can see the orange thread on the dimpled, white minky.

I have to say that this baby minky from Hawthorne Threads had lots of dimples and is so very soft.  I love it.  

Here it is with the binding on.  

Finished in plenty of time.  


  1. Wow!! That is an amazing finish!! That quilt will make baby's room look wonderful and with all the colors in the main fabric, be perfect for keeping little eye's and hands exploring. Well done!!

  2. LOVE that beautiful pink scarf!
    Such a darling baby quilt. I'm sure the new Mom is going to love it!
    I think Minky is so fabulous for the backing of infant quilts.


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