Sunday, February 7, 2016

Time Warp...

Yes, life for me has felt like I have been in a time warp.  If you have read my last couple of posts you will know what I am talking about. My time warp started mid October and has really just ended ....maybe somewhat hazily....this week, since I am still dealing with "paperwork"...ugh.

So since I totally missed out on Halloween, I cut out a quilt that I have been wanting to try.

Here are my blocks. 

Definitely looks Halloween-y, doesn't it?

I've laid out my blocks in order.

Now my rows are put together.

Are you getting the idea?  This will be one of those lil' twister quilts.  

Rows are sewed together and this is the center of the quilt. 

Borders need to be attached.

Then there is the lil' twister ruler. 

.....and this is what your quilt top starts to look like when you cut out blocks using the lil' twister.

Swiss cheese.  The whole quilt top will look like this in the end. 

I couldn't wait to sew together a couple rows.  Not only to see them, but to keep them in order since they are so small and I didn't want to get them messed up. 
Here you will see the first  of the pinwheels.

This is a time consuming little quilt (VERY time consuming) but I think it is going to be so worth it.'s worth it.  

Those light colors in the pumpkin are a whole lot lighter when using the flash.  They read a little more subtle in real time.  

Next project is a Christmas one.  Stay tuned.  

I am so glad to be back to sewing and quilting  


  1. Watching your jack o lantern quilt evolve was magical! Definitely a Halloween quilt to make you smile. Still dealing with "paperwork" here too - it is endless & a ways to go - when you deal with the Department of Defense (Navy branch) and the VA combined - well we all know how speedy the government moves...keep plugging away though and keep stitching to hold your feet on the ground.

  2. What a Gorgeous Jack-o-lantern quilt top!
    I've never made a twister quilt before but now you have me very interested in trying.
    Thank you for showing us all the steps involved, it was wonderful to see.

  3. Lovely! And now you're ahead of the game for Halloween 2016.


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