Wednesday, February 10, 2016

One Christmas quilt down....

Just took this one off the longarm.  

The quilting on it is hard to see because I used Green Glide thread and the fabric is pretty busy, but I think the panto "Flurry" was the perfect choice for this quilt.  

The quilting shows up well in shadows.

You can really see the quilting on the backing though.  I used a dk. green Fil-Tec thread in the bobbin.  Makes for an interesting back.  

Now....trying to decide if I want to put another Christmas quilt on the long arm.  We will see. 


  1. A great job - it could be reversable - the back is really pretty!! Everything looks so neat and well done.

  2. That looks great, Faye!
    (I should come take some lessons from you!)
    Sharon G

  3. Hey there! That's beautiful!
    (I'm back to having to comment anonymously! Technology is not my friend!)
    Sharon G

  4. I really love that Panto! This quilt turned out great.


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