Wednesday, October 28, 2015

13 Halloween cats (or...just the beginning of them)

Who doesn't love "dots"?

I think these are glow in the dark pumpkins.

This one reminds me of a friend's cat, Doug.

Only thing is that Doug gets caught in the blinds and not a spider web.  


  1. Doug says "Thanks for the shout out!"
    The cats look cool!

  2. I like the cat block with the spider web background.

  3. So fun to work with oranges and blacks too!!!

  4. I made up enough of those for the quilt top several years ago but do you think I ever got them put together? NO! And I have no idea where they are..that may be quite the search. Yours are adorable!!

  5. SO cute! You should have stopped for a break at 12 or 14, though. Kind of scary making 13 Halloween cats!


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