Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Still prepping, plus.....-

Yes, I am still prepping for my retreat that will take place in a couple weeks.
I planned on "buying" fabric for the alternating blocks for the 9-patch quilt, but ended up finding  several yards of gold florals  in the  Robyn Pandolph line lying around in my cupboard.  That's what I get for putting some of these projects away for "years".  It's a blessing though, I don't have to buy fabric that I don't need. 

Laid out my 9-patches and the alternating 6 1/2 " squares.

It's a good thing that I decided to lay these out because apparently my math isn't too good.  I would have been very disappointed to get to retreat and realize I was short some blocks.  So, I went through some more of my 9-patches (some had to be re-sewn because they were not the correct size) and cut out some more alternating blocks.

All the blocks are there now and I have my rows pinned and ready to be sewn at retreat.  This will work up to be 90 x 96.  

Also, I got the baby quilt cut out, too.  

I had bought these little "On the Dot" markers quite some time ago and decided to give them a try.

Just one of my cuts for the baby quilt required  28 - 1 1/2" strips and I thought I would lose my way.  These little markers kept me on track.  I would highly recommend these.  

Then there are my Hearts and Hands blocks.  I've mentioned that I probably have 50 of these prepped and ready to paper piece, but the other day I was looking for something to work on,  so since I have so many, I decided to complete the 10 that I had started.  

I was sure I wouldn't be getting a whole of these done at retreat as they are very time consuming, but "hey!" what a good feeling to have these done now.  There's plenty more where they came from.  

Now, if I can just keep from getting into anymore of these prepped projects before I leave or I will have to find something else to take.  

I think I will just pack these up so they are out of site and maybe out of mind until I get to St. Louis. 

Now....what to do to keep my hands busy in the meantime?!!


  1. Nice projects that you will be bringing with you to St. Louis. I don't think you will have any trouble keeping your hands busy when you get here. I love 9-patches and that one looks wonderful. See you soon.

  2. Hope you are having a wonderful Retreat!
    Your 9 patch quilt is going to be just darling!
    Congrats on getting all those Hearts & Hands blocks finished up too!


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