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Sunday, March 22, 2015

Progress on Merry and Bright......

Got the circles (ornaments) stitched down. 

Next the little escutcheons (crowns? or ornament caps?) on each ornament were appliqued in place. 

Then there was the embroidery for the hook placement. 

Laid it out. 

Sewed the rows.

Stitched the top altogether.

I have the backing and made the binding for this little quilt. 

Just need to quilt it and make a hanging sleeve and this one is ready for next Christmas. 

See, I told you I am still in the Christmas/winter mode.  


  1. That is coming together really fast. I love it!!!

  2. Well, look at you go! No dilly-dallying here. And yes, the Christmas mode is still "on"...pretty inspiring, Faye!

    I laughed at your "escutcheon" question. I just yesterday read that word to my DH (being impressed), and he said that's what the circular metal where the shower head (pipe) meets the wall. We debated the meaning, but didn't look it up. ;-)