Friday, February 27, 2015

Overachiever and/or Obsessive/Compulsive

Probably a little of both.
I started out this month trying to finish four projects at once. They were on the UFO list and so close to being finished.   They are now all ready for the long arm, but there they sit because I pulled out another UFO to have something to work on by "hand" while watching TV at night. 
Well, I got obsessed with this "hand project".
This is just the center of my hand-pieced, 1 inch thimbles. 
Thank goodness all the rows of this thimble quilt were completed back in 2006, but because I was so concerned about perfection when putting the rows together and that was just not happening at the time,  I just put it away for a later date.  Well, that later date was February 2, 2015.  I figured if it was going to get done, there was not going to be perfection, so I just DID it.  
Somehow, I got it in my head that charm quilts had to be 2000 pieces.  I now know that is not true, but what can I say. 
Back in 2006 I bought this rubber stamp....
along with these ink pads.
The darker ink for the lighter fabrics and the white ink for the darker fabrics.
I gleaned fabric from my stash and several friends' stashes and even picked garbage during a retreat just so that I would have 2000 different pieces of fabric. Not an easy feat. 
I have some left over thimbles and a bunch of little squares to cut out more if I so desired. 
I DO NOT so desire.
Next step for this quilt is to find a border fabric. The top and bottom will be straight stitched, but I am thinking I will be doing applique for the sides as they are kind of zig zaggy.  I did not want to trim them straight for fear I would cut off my knots and then have some unraveling happen. 
For now, this quilt is going to be set aside while I get back to some of my other UFOs.  When, I find my perfect border fabric and start applying  that to the thimbles, I will report back.  I AM on a mission to get this one done......THIS YEAR!!!  I think 9 years is long enough to be sitting in the cupboard waiting to be finished.
Happy Quilting. 


  1. Looking good! In no time it will be finished. What an accomplishment.

  2. I LOVE*LOVE*LOVE this topper!! YOU rock!! I have wanted to make a wee tumbler for a long time! I am off to check out Cindy's site!! Thanks...I think! haha

  3. This is such an awesome project! I am excited to see it finished!

  4. Wow, that gorgeous! Well done on getting that middle part finished - so how many pieces does it have?


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