Friday, January 16, 2015

Post retreat progress......

Since I was so bummed about having to cut my mini retreat short last weekend because of the flu, I figured I would try and make up for it as soon as I started feeling better. 
One of my projects that I had taken was  this origami purse.  It was nearly finished ....for a very long time.  I just needed to add the handle.  Now it is done.
Not the best picture, but it has a pocket under each outside flap (front and back).
and a much larger pocket on the inside.
This was a pattern offered by a local quilt shop some time ago.  It would be great to just throw in a wallet and phone when you want to carry light.
At retreat, I started my alternating blocks for my Christmas Star lotto blocks.
If you don't know what a lotto block is....our retreat organizers suggested a particular pattern off of Quilter's Cache, they designated the colors (in this case, green, red with white background).  For as many blocks as you made, your name went into the pot that many times. I won the drawing of 17 blocks. 
Here is my alternating block.  I made 13 of these.
I just put this quilt top together this afternoon. (it's not pressed yet)
I only used 12 of the 17 blocks.  (Three were too small and two were made with a cream background.)
I have been auditioning some fabrics for borders. Not sure if I will do that or not yet. 
Then in my stash I had this bundle called "Twice the Charm".   Each fabric measured 5 1/2 x 22". I had been wanting to try a jelly roll quilt, so to do that with what I had, I had to cut each strip in half giving me two strips of each fabric (2 3/4 x 22).  I sewed those together with a straight seam.  Then I followed the directions given by the Missouri Star Quilt Co. and made my jelly roll quilt top joining  the "different" fabrics with a 45 degree angled seam. 
This was from Robyn Pandolph's line called Roses de Noel. it is the middle of January and I still have a Christmas theme going. 
Anyways, this isn't pressed either and it is not squared up yet.  I will do some measuring and see whether or not I feel that it needs borders or not, too.  Going to check my stash and see if I have an appropriate backing for this one.  If I don't .....minky might be in order. 
I did have another "Christmas" project packed for retreat, but I haven't had a chance to work on that one yet, so I will save that for my next post. 
For now...I am feeling pretty good about my progress.  Now I feel a little better about missing so much sewing time with my friends. 
Stay tuned.  I plan on there being more sometime this weekend. 

Monday, January 12, 2015

Burst of Energy.....

Albeit for only a few moments.
I am in the throes of the flu.  I have bursts of energy and then downright in bed.
I just wanted to share the super gifts I received from my quilt-y pals at our annual January retreat (which was shortened for me when I came down with symptoms looking like the flu).
This was our Christmas exchange.
A great smelling Cranberry candle, an on-line organizer, some peach scented spray, a box of chocolates, a gift certificate to one of the new and local quilt shops, a lint roller for all those threads that are always hanging on us after we are done quilting,  a great panto,  the Steady Betty to keep control of my foot pedal on my sewing machine and a "top 15 UFO's for 2015 that we plan on getting done this year (and I say that one with tongue in cheek!).  All great things!
Here's a close up of the panto.
Love it.  Can't wait to have a quilt that I can use it on.  In fact, I am thinking of using up that jelly roll and using this to quilt that.  I think that would work out great. 
,....and now  there is this one which had us stumped for a few minutes.
Is it a thread catcher?
It's reversible!
No!!!  It's a microwave soup bowl holder.
.....and boy have I used it the last couple of days, too, since that is what I am living on.
You microwave your soup in its bowl in the bowl holder  and then you can get it out of the microwave without burning your fingers by holding on to the little corners.  I love it!  I think I need to make more or at least one for DH. What a great idea that Nancy says she got off of Pinterest.
So, I sit here in my pjs enjoying looking at my gifts.  I haven't even had the energy to unpack my sewing stuff yet.  For retreat I only made it through Friday afternoon and then Saturday morning when I started to not feel so well.  I got a text from my daughter who told me that the grandson whom I had babysat for on Thursday was just diagnosed with the flu and she was headed to the Clinic, too.  I have to say....the flu hits you like a truck.  I packed up quickly and headed to the Clinic and was put on Tamiflu within six hours of the onset of my symptoms.  Sure hope I haven't infected my friends.
I did manage to get my show-n-tell out for the gals just before packing them up again to leave.   I got the binding on my B/W/red Chinese Coins.
I had hoped to get them to hold it up  so that I could have a full quilt picture for you, but this will have to do for now.  I love my striped binding.
As for what I did get to work on Friday night and Saturday morning......well, I will have to wait until my next burst of energy to unpack things and then I will share the 13 alternating blocks that I was working on that are almost done. 
I had such high hopes for this weekend.  I planned on having three UFOs almost completed.
Oh well, that is life and that is what happens when you babysit a little one that goes to daycare.
Nap time.
Be back soon with more.  

Thursday, January 1, 2015

So....what did you get accomplished on this first day of January?

I have heard it said that what you do today, you will do the rest of the year. 
So, I made sure I got into the sewing room today.
Made the binding for the last quilt that I took off the long arm.....Chinese Coins.
 I found this stripe fabric in my stash and decided to cut it on the bias for this quilt. 
My goal this year is to use up a lot of what I have, get a lot of my UFOs completed, and hopefully not buy any new fabric unless I need it to complete something  and I am going to try to avoid starting brand new projects unless they are meant for someone in particular say for a shower or something like that. 
Yesterday I was going through my stuff and pulled three different sets of blocks. 
Two sets I think I am going to incorporate into one project. (killing two birds with one stone)
The pieced stars were a birthday exchange with some friends from a message board that I am on.  The embroidered stars were given to me by my former long-armer. She was cleaning out her stuff as  she is no longer in business.  I have as yet to measure these blocks to make sure they are all the same size and I have been tossing ideas around as to how I want to put them together.  That is still up in the air at this point. 
The third set of blocks were some Christmas star "lotto" blocks.  If you made one, your name got put into the pot.  I won these.    
These were measured today and I found a couple that had some of their hst in the wrong direction, so I ripped out those and turned them and resewed them.  I am planning on an alternate block for this quilt.
On going through my stuff, I came across a project that I have been wanting to make for some time.  So, I started making the blocks today for that project.
So far I have 30 - 3 inch 9-patches.  The strips are cut out for the next 30 that are needed.  Once I get this one together, there is a little crocheting that needs to be done and then I will share the project. 
For now, I am happy that ....if it is true....what I did today, I will be doing all year long because is certainly puts me in a happy place. 
Happy New Year everyone!

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