Sunday, December 28, 2014

Just took another one off the long arm......

I am going to call this one my Black/White/Red Chinese Coins. 
Not sure if it is really a Chinese Coins, but that's what I am going with. 
This was my attempt at using up all my black and white fabrics.  Of course, I didn't have enough and had to go out and buy more.  Then to make matters worse, I just cut up ALL the black and whites and had enough to make one, two and going on three quilts.  Geesh.
Anyways, I started this one last winter.  It's a big one.  I think it was 92 x 111.   Wasn't sure how I wanted to quilt it so put out the request for ideas from a lot of friends and the majority suggested a panto that showed movement yet maybe had some hard edges to go along with all my straight lines.   My friend Ruthie suggested "turbulence", so that is what I did.
I am going to have to remind myself though that I really don't care for solid backings.  They show up all your little jumps and starts.  A print or a pieced or a minky would have been a much better choice, but I had this all prepped a year ago and I think I had made this decision about not liking solid backings since that time.  Oh well.  It all worked out pretty well. 
Now to get into the sewing room and find something that will work for a binding.  I don't want to go and buy something if I don't have to.  I am trying really hard to use up what I have and to get my old projects done so I can check mark them off my so-called UFO list. 
I usually have my bindings made as soon as I make a quilt top, but apparently I wasn't sure which way to go on this, white or red or black/white.  Time will tell.  I would like to mark this one off the list as done in 2014.  We will see. 
What's your first project going to be for 2015?!!!  Gosh, can you believe we are that close to another new year?  Where is the time going?


  1. I really like this one. I agree on the Use it Up. I look at so much of my fabric and just like clothes and hairstyles, we change our minds and move on. Panels are going on backs this year and I'm doing my best to use from my bins. I'm also on a "finish it up" mantra for 2015.
    Best to you in the new year.

  2. I see a few fabrics that I used in my black and white quilt! The red gives it a nice pop of colour.

    That is one big quilt!

    A friend of mine paid to have a quilt custom quilted. She put a print on the back when she should have had a plain one. It's sometimes difficult to know what to do.


  3. My husband will never understand why I buy yards and yards of fabric, cut it into small pieces and sew it back together



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