Sunday, April 6, 2014

What? It's been over a month?

Where oh where does  the time go?
My last post was in February.  I have been busy sewing, but when you are working on a challenge quilt and you can't share it, it doesn't leave you with much to share.
I have plenty to share today though.  I went on a mini retreat with my friends and we had our own little sewing marathon and show and tell. 
Nancy has been working on a scrappy gray flannel Trips Around the World.
She, also, threw this beautiful shabby chic quilt top together this weekend.
She is still plugging away at her courthouse steps.
Now as for Sharon....she, too, is working on courthouse steps made from shirts.
She was, also, putting on the binding on a Bonnie Hunter quilt that she made (sorry, I don't know the name of the quilt. (Sharon let me know that it is called Blue Skies)
She, too, made a Trips Around the World quilt.  Hers is from salvaged shirts.
As for me....I worked on a few odds and ends that have been sitting around for some time.
This is a Ricky Tims "convergence" quilt.  Not one of his usual ones, but it was shown to us at the retreat that I went to last year.  This yard of fabric is sliced up and sewn right back together and then sliced the other way and only moved over one 2" square one way or the other.  My plan is to machine quilt a landscape or something like that on it. 
I got all these blocks cut out.  It is a quilt that Nancy did a few years ago and I had all the fabrics in my cupboard. Since I am trying to get a few things off my "list", I thought this would be a good one to get sewn together and finished.
I then pulled out my "Hearts and Hands" and got these three blocks to this point.  I just need to pick out a center circle and get that stitched on and then these will be done.  I am nearing the halfway point of this quilt. 
I, also, thought I was going to get started on a hunched back cat Halloween quilt (or at least a block or two ) this weekend, but I forgot my black fabrics.  I did get a few cats traced out on freezer paper, so I will be ready to get going on that as soon as time allows. 
Anyways, it was good to get together with friends this weekend.  I think we chatted more than we quilted, but that's ok.  I feel like my mojo is back as far as getting to other things now.  The challenge quilt top is done and I have a baby quilt top done.  I just need to get these quilted.  When I do and when I can, I will share them with you. 
Hope to be back soon with more to share.


  1. Hey Faye! The Bonnie Hunter pattern is called Blue Skies.
    I sure had fun this weekend…I did a little tidying after you girls went home….and then fell asleep.
    I was beat!

  2. You and your friends accomplished a LOT on retreat!
    Congrats on getting to the half way point with Hearts & Hands, I am dying to see yours as a finish someday!



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