Monday, June 24, 2013

Attaching LeaderGrips to my new Millenium

 I have finally gotten around to following Angela's (from instructions on how she attached LeaderGrips to her APQS machine. 
I did find that the 3/16" wood screws did not work for mine as they were too small. My husband is going to run out and get a slightly larger wood screw to be used on just my third Leader
Grip that I will use for my quilt "top".  The other two LeaderGrips (on the two rails for the backing)  I just used the shrink tape as mine will not be taken in and out of the pocket like Angela's are.

First off, I pinned the canvas from the belly bar rail to the quilt back rail.
These are some pretty heavy duty pins.
Then I stitched a line 1 1/2 inch from the raw edge  on both canvases. (this will be your fold line).  I, also, used the channel lock to stitch this line and the next line. 
Then you stitch another line 3/4" from the first stitching inbetween the first stitch line and the raw edge. (this will be your guideline for your final stitching to make the "sleeve").
Fold on the first stitch line and then stitch over the second line making the pocket that you need to insert the LeaderGrip.  Maybe stitching just a little bit off the line to create a slightly larger pocket. 
Also, a little help from your clamps or a friend to hold the canvas nice and taunt while you are stitching would be a big help. 
Now that the pockets are made, you have the LeaderGrips to put together.
You put together two bars with the shrink tubing centered over both of the bars.
With a heat gun, heat the shrink tape until it forms over the ridges that are on the LeaderGrip.
When it is cool, insert into the pocket that you made and there you have it. 
You are ready to load a quilt. 


  1. I don't have these on my Millennium. Do they make loading / unloading easier?

  2. You are ready to go, now!!


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