Saturday, May 18, 2013

Here it is mid May.....

almost 11 weeks after my fall breaking my arm and surgery and I still can't sew.  How depressing is that?!!!
So, got together with my daughters and future daughter in law  today.
My youngest who is expecting her first baby in October, me, my future daughter-in-law and my oldest daughter and we did this.....
Pickled asparagus. 
Yum....can't wait for the two week wait for it to get really good and then we can start eating it. 
Now for the quilting.....well, I have tried and tried, but the physical therapist is working on the range of motion right now for my wrist and that is showing some improvements, but the fine motor skills are taking a little longer.  I tried working with the rotary cutter the other day and my hand cramped up so bad, that I had to give it up.  I sure need to get something going soon as I will be going on a retreat mid June.  Maybe I will be going  without any projects and just going for the fun of  being with friends.  That really won't make me happy though. 
So...for now, no quilting taking place here.  I keep going into my sewing room and looking and touching and wishing and hoping, but for now I have been doing a lot of reading.
Here is a list of some of the books I have read recently.
Gone Girl
Hostile Witness
Da Vinci Code
The Secret Keeper
When the Bough Breaks
Forgotten Garden
Lovely Bones
The Shack
Loved them all even though they are very different from one another.
Right now I am reading...
The Bet
 A friend said it was funny and after the last one I read "Gone Girl", I needed something a little lighter. 
So....for now.... I am doing my exercises and trying to strengthen my hand so that I can get back to what I really love to do.....


  1. I agree with you about Gone Girl. I have never read a book where I hated both main characters and think they deserved each other.

  2. I've read them all except for The Secret Keeper. You might like the Louise Penny mysteries and the Jacqueline Winspear Maisie Dodd series. Not your usual series. Sorry about your arm but oh...time to read!

  3. I'm so sorry that your recovery is taking longer than expected. I could not imagine... Another good book to read is You Before Me... it was recommended by a blogger and I'm so happy I downloaded it onto my Kindle. It took me just two days to read... I couldn't put it down!

  4. I'll have to look up your book recommendations, I haven't read in SO long. I don't even know where my kindle is right now! So sorry you are having issues re engaging into quilting, I'm really trying to stick to projects I've got on the go, want to get some things finished up and I bought Di Ford's book and will start one of those projects this fall. Looks like a fun day with all the girls!

  5. I fell and broke my wrist in December. The break was so bad, the Dr told my hubby when I came out of surgery that I did not give him much to work with. I was in therapy for 16 weeks with a wonderful hand therapist. After I was released from therapy, I have been doing exercises at home. I really feel for you, because I have been in the same boat. I started using the Rotary a little at a time, and still cannot cut like I used to. At least not yet :-) The key to using the Rotary is the strength training. With limited mobility in wrist movement, it's been a challenge. But everyone that has shared with me their wrist injury story, has told me it takes at least a year. So to keep from being too discouraged, that has become my bench mark. I hope you keep up with your exercises, as I think it is the key.

    And oh, yes, I too have been doing a LOT of reading ;-)

  6. It must be great to catch up on reading but I hope you heal fast so you can get quilting again. The asparagus looks neat, I've never had it pickled, is it like tinned?

  7. Keep the faith and it will come along (quilting)....your reading list sounds interesting and I have read some of them....good list!

  8. Did you try making that larger cushioned grip for the rotary cutter? That seemed to help me out somewhat. Know about those finer motor skills - to this day, picking up coins with my left hand feels weird but it gets the job done - Since I am right handed, guess using paper money when in the quilt shop is easier - or better yet, plastic :o). Hang in there and keep up with the therapy - things will come around.
    Our spring has been so late this year, fresh lcal asparagus has not even made an appearance...
    Enjoy yours!!!

  9. What a wonderful way to spend time with your beautiful girls! I've never made pickled asparagus but it sure sounds delicious! I hope you are able to enjoy your retreat and be able to get some sewing done while you are there!

  10. What fun to spend time with your "girls" in the kitchen. I'm curious about pickled asparagus. I hope you bring a jar to retreat. I'd like to try it (and of course bring the recipe if you remember).


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